6 Inexpensive Ways to Boost Employee Morale

As many home service professionals such as plumbers and electricians need to be on call over the holidays, it can be important to give your employees a boost this time of year to keep their spirits and work ethic high. If your employees aren’t cheerful and pleasant, your customers will notice. A good attitude is infectious, and it starts with you.

If you can’t afford the traditional Christmas bonus or party, don’t worry. There are still many ways to engage your employees and thank them for their hard work. Here are a few ideas:

Host a Family Potluck

So what if you can’t afford a lavish holiday party? Invite your employees and their families to each bring a dish and enjoy getting to know each other better outside of work. Having employees over to your home and meeting their families can break down barriers. To spice things up, host a white elephant exchange.

“Hundred dollar Handshake”

Glass Doctor® Franchisee of the Year Larry Patterson awards his top technicians with a hundred-dollar bill when they reach certain monthly goals.  The small nuance between adding extra to their paycheck and physically handing cash to an employee at a meeting can be huge. Of course, this amount can be customized to your budget.

Mr. Appliance service tech groupPlan an Activity or Contest

Who doesn’t like a little friendly competition? One of The Dwyer Group® core values is “Having fun in the process.” What if you brought in a ping-pong table to the office and hosted an after-hours tournament, or took your employees to play mini golf? The possibilities are endless. Just remember not to do any activities that would exclude certain team members, such as female office staff, and try to find something where employees can work in teams.

Praise Your Employees

“Some of the cheapest ways to boost morale and inspire are non-monetary,” says Peter van Stralen, founder of The Grounds Guys®. He suggests genuinely thanking your team members for their service and loyalty in a public setting, such as your morning huddle. Listen to them and act on their suggestions, and regularly applaud them for doing things right.

Provide Extra Training

This is a good idea any time of the year, not just holidays. Helping employees feel like you’re investing in their future goes a long way with employee retention. This could be as sending your employees to a Chamber of Commerce lunch, putting money toward them attaining additional certifications, or bringing in a local business leader to speak to them. At the very least, sit down with each employee and ask them about their career goals and how you can help them move forward.

Be Flexible

You may not be able to close the office early around Christmas, but be creative in how you can make employees’ lives easier around the holidays, whether this is by allowing them to bring a child or dog to the office or work remotely.


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